Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bond Outerwear - Recycled PET & Carbon Neutral

If you aren't familiar with Bond Outerwear you should visit their site and check out their products as they are one of the most progressive if not the most progressive snowboard outerwear companies in terms of sustainability. All of their outer shells and inner liners utilize a blend of recycled PET (made from plastic bottles and containers), and virgin polyester that is completely recyclable. Both are materials that have been used before and can be used again for years to come. All snaps, zipper pulls, and buttons are made from discarded plastic pellets from heavy industry. Bond offsets all their carbon usage for everything from their office power to shipping through, and ship directly from their suppliers to their retailers which reduces and saves on fuel usage and unnecessary packaging waste. Bond holds their entire collection to high standards and work everyday to find new ways to innovate and make the most environmentally considered snowboard outerwear on the market.
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