Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Partnership Aims to Raise Awareness of Climate Change and Unite the Winter Sports Community in the State of Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Ski Utah, a membership organization representing Utah’s 14 alpine ski resorts, and Protect Our Winters (POW) are proud to announce a partnership with the mission of raising awareness of climate change and uniting the winter sports community in the state of Utah.
Protect Our Winters is the environmental axis of the global winter sports community, powered by its goal of reducing the effect climate change is imposing on our local sports and economies. Ski Utah is dedicated to promoting the ski and snowboard industry in the great state of Utah. The state is famous for its world-class resorts including Alta, Beaver Mountain, Brian Head Resort, Brighton Resort, Cherry Peak Resort, Deer Valley Resort, Eagle Point Resort, Nordic Valley Resort, Park City, Powder Mountain, Snowbasin Resort, Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Solitude Mountain Resort and Sundance Resort as well as having The Greatest Snow on Earth®. Together POW, Ski Utah and these renowned resorts can impact the entire community and industry with incredible success.
To show Ski Utah’s immediate commitment to POW, CEO/President of Ski Utah, Nathan Rafferty, sent a letter to Governor Herbert asking for his public support of the EPA Clean Power Plan and to urge him to submit an on-time strategy to achieve the targets set forth in the Clean Power Plan. “As a leading advocate for one of Utah’s greatest assets, The Greatest Snow on Earth, and its $1.2 billion-dollar winter tourism industry, it is a natural fit for Ski Utah to partner with POW,” says Rafferty. “POW has done an excellent job representing the global snowsports community in the fight against climate change. We look forward to supporting POW’s mission and raising further climate change awareness here in Utah.”
“We’re honored to be partnering with Ski Utah,” says Executive Director of Protect Our Winters, Chris Steinkamp, “With so much at stake and with so many POW members and athletes living in Utah, this partnership will only accelerate our efforts to unite Utah’s winter recreation community around environmental responsibility and climate action this year.”
Moving forward, Ski Utah will encourage snowsports participants to join POW’s efforts through print, digital and social campaigns. In an effort to raise local and national awareness around the cause, Ski Utah, Protect Our Winters and Discrete with efforts from Alta and Snowbird will be hosting the first ‘POW Day’ on Jan. 13, 2016. According to NOAA, Jan. 13 statistically has the highest percentage for snowfall in the Wasatch over any other day of the year. On this day Ski Utah will be encouraging skiers and riders to carpool, take UTA or ride-share to help lower CO2 emissions, reduce traffic congestion and increase overall awareness around environmental accountability.
To stay up-to-date and learn useful POW tips on how to help foster climate action in Utah, subscribe to Ski Utah’s newsletter, here.
For more information on all the resort’s sustainability efforts, check out keep-utah-cool.
To get involved with Protect Our Winters, visit www.protectourwinters. org.
About Ski Utah
Ski Utah is a membership association representing Utah’s $1.2 billion dollar wintersports industry, including 14 alpine ski resorts and a membership of over 250 industry partners. The organization has been creating brand awareness of and demand for the Utah wintersports product since its inception in 1978. Ski Utah’s primary functions are concentrated in marketing, public policy and public relations. Information about Ski Utah and its members can be found at, on Twitter @SkiUtah and on Facebook at


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Patagonia Hits Key Environmental Activism Milestones

VENTURA, Calif. (Sept. 9, 2015) – Today, Patagonia is announcing three key milestones that demonstrate how environmental activism continues to become more and more embedded in the core of our business.

We gave $6.2 million to 741 grassroots environmental groups around the world; we appointed a new senior leader to focus on activism; and we will again host Patagonia’s biennial Tools Conference – a four-day conference for small grassroots organizations – later this month.

You can read more about these milestones below and get in-depth with Patagonia’s social and environmental initiatives here. An interactive global map containing all 741 local grant recipients is available here.

Giving 1% of our sales to grassroots activists worldwide

Each year, Patagonia pledges 1% of our sales to the protection and restoration of the natural environment – regardless of the health of our sales or the economy. We call it our Earth Tax.

This year, we identified 741 local grassroots environmental groups in 18 countries, and gave them $6.2 million in cash to rivers and forests, promote sustainable agriculture, prevent extreme resource extraction, protect endangered wildlife and habitat, and mitigate the effects of climate change.

In the conventional model of philanthropy, the big funders – corporations and foundations – mainly support big professional environmental groups. The large national organizations (those with budgets over $5 million) are doing important work; but they make up just 2% of all environmental groups, yet receive more than 50% of all environmental grants and donations.

Meanwhile, funding the environmental movement at a grassroots level - where change happens from the bottom up and lasts – has never been more important. But these groups continue to be woefully underfunded. That’s why we support community-based organizations – often edgy and off the beaten path – working to create positive change for the planet in their own backyards. These individual battles are the most effective in raising more complicated issues in the public mind, particularly those of biodiversity, ecosystem protection and climate change.

Since our program began in 1985, we’ve given $70 million to more than 3,500 groups globally.

New position: VP of Environmental Activism

We also appointed Lisa Pike Sheehy to a newly created role: Vice President for Environmental Activism. Lisa will bring activism even more deeply into our day-to-day business. She joins Patagonia’s core leadership team and will report directly to CEO Rose Marcario.

Lisa has been with Patagonia for 12 years, and has strategically guided 1% for the Planet annual giving. She also oversaw initiatives like Oceans as Wilderness, Our Common Waters, Vote the Environment and the most recent New Localism campaigns. She serves as a Board Member for the Outdoor Industry Association and 1% for the Planet, and previously sat on the Conservation Alliance board for 10 years. Just last year, Lisa was honored as a recipient of the Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition Pioneering Woman of the Year Award.

She’ll continue to oversee grassroots giving as well as running and developing environmental campaigns, and will oversee Patagonia’s Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference.

Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference

In its 21st year, we will be hosting our biennial Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference later this month – bringing representatives from more than 85 grassroots environmental organizations to an intensive, four-day learning and idea-sharing retreat.

These groups often have fewer than five paid staffers, often without direct expertise in every field required for successful campaigning. We’re looking forward to talking with local organizers about ways to enhance activist efforts through advocacy, fundraising, marketing and communications, campaign strategy and social media, among other critical areas.

Presenters this year include Anthropologist and National Geographic Explorer Wade Davis, Communications Strategist and Spitfire Strategies Founder Kristen Grimm, Google Earth Outreach Team members, Patagonia Owner and Founder Yvon Chouinard, and Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario. 

And in Spring 2016, for the first time Patagonia will release a book corresponding with the Tools Conference, designed to bring its activist teachings – strategy and tactics – to a much wider audience and expand the conference’s reach.

Friday, September 4, 2015



On his historic visit to Alaska this week, President Obama made a sweeping call for grander ambition in the face of climate change. Read his entire travelogue on Medium >

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Contribute TODAY to POW to get a solar powered Luci Light for your adventures

Days are getting shorter, and temperatures will soon be getting cooler. It’s adventure season and whether it’s backpacking, peak-bagging or sitting around the campfire with your crew, POW wants to power your adventures with solar.

For a limited time only, become a POW member with a $20 or more contribution, and they’ll send you a packable solar-powered Luci Lantern to light your way this fall.

Luci Lights offer an easy way to light up the night on your adventures with up to twelve hours of battery life. We have limited quantities so don’t miss out on your opportunity to support POW and solar power your adventures this fall.

Please click here to contribute $20 or more and get yours today.

Remember, your contribution and membership directly helps in funding POW's advocacy work. As a member, you’ll receive the tools, education and opportunities needed to take action and become a part of this movement with us, as well as invites to VIP events and athlete meet-ups, discounts on POW gear, and more.

Thank you for your generous support.

Save the Sea with FOREO

FOREO is dedicated to creating solutions that keep consumers looking and feeling good. This year, the brand is extending that commitment to the world around us, by giving back to a cause that’s vital to everyone's well-being - the ocean. As part of the campaign, FOREOwill donate all net proceeds from the LUNA™ mini Special Edition sales to the FOREO Board of Ocean Conservation charity partners comprised of GreenWave and SEA LIFE Trust.  Donations will further raise the awareness and funds these organizations need to help protect and preserve our oceans.

The LUNA™ mini Special Edition provides the following unique and eco-friendly benefits:
·         LUNA™ mini Special edition is made of medical-grade silicone that is sustainable and has a low environmental impact
·         LUNA™ mini never requires replacement brush heads resulting in an absolute minimal output of landfills
·         Its energy-efficient integrated Li-ion battery lasts up to 300 uses per charge, lasting up to 6 months before needing to recharge
·         The device’s product packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials
·         Users of our LUNA™ skincare devices can actually save up to 40% water usage during cleansing treatments as the brush only needs a small amount of water and cleansing product during application

The LUNA™ mini “Save the Sea” Special Edition is available for $139 at participating retailers including Ask Derm, Barneys New York (in-store only), B-Glowing, Dermaglobe, Dermstore, Joyus, Sephora and from June-September 2015.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Straight Outta Compton: The 686 Compton Snow Club is making a difference
By Snowboard Magazine

Compton doesn’t have the best reputation. For many of the kids that live there, it’s all they know and all they ever will know. Broken homes, drugs, violence, bad influences. The guys at 686 decided to make a difference in their neighborhood, partnering with the Boys & Girls Club to create the Compton Snow Club, which provides an outlet for at-risk youth to get outside and get an opportunity to experience something they otherwise wouldn’t be able to: snowboarding. With a portion of proceeds going directly to the area’s Boys & Girls Club, 686 is helping expose these kids to positive things in their lives. Read the accounts from 686 Team Rider Forest Bailey and Team Manager Patrick McCarthy about their experience with the Compton Snow Club — Jens Heig, Online Editor

“Last winter I headed down to California to hang out with 686 and Matix and be a part of the Compton Snow Club. It was one of the best days of my winter. It was so cool to take a bunch of fresh minds up to the mountain and get them stoked on snowboarding; something that’s brought me joy almost my entire life. There are a ton of bright young minds involved in the program, smart kids, some of which took right to boarding, and some that are more interested in creating, or photography. To see them all get stoked on snowboarding was fun, and realistically it’s just fun for them to get out of the city and into the mountains for one day. Some had never had that opportunity before, that’s a reality check. We are so lucky to be able to experience what we do as snowboarders. In my mind, it’s all about hoping the kids get inspired and learn that anything is possible and that there are a million different ways to live your life. I can’t wait for the next time i get to go down and hang with those kids again. I also hope to be able to continue spreading the idea of snowboarding to fresh minds in other areas through and extended version of the Compton Snow Club.”

“The Compton Snow Club was born to answer a simple question, ‘How can we give back to our local Compton neighborhood and expose the youth to the things that seemingly saved our lives – snowboarding, skateboarding and art?’
It started with a simple trip to the local Boys & Girls Club with Forest Bailey and myself. We took the kids skateboarding, did some artwork with them, showed them a few snowboard video parts and explained what we are all about. Their reactions to our interaction were inspiring. Seeing the kids lighting up with excitement during the day gave us a new vitality. I remember personally leaving from the first day with the kids thinking that was the most rewarding thing that I had done that year. At the end of that first session, I picked out my favorite kid and handed him my skateboard. It was a liberating feeling and I think everyone at 686 wanted to figure out more ways to give back.
Putting is simply, these kids are not from a good place – the streets of Compton are not a joke. Gang activity, social pressures and the absence of a lot of the standards many of us grew up with or have become accustomed to putting these youth at risk from day 1. Even though they live in this big beautiful city of L.A., most of these kids barely know life outside of a few local blocks that are filled with social traps carrying lifelong consequences. If we can expose them to things outside of their everyday life on the streets, and dreams of being a big shot rapper or basketball player (which in many cases eventually leaves them empty and still exposed to local social pressures at a young age) like snow and nature, we can possibly open their eyes to a world outside their ‘hood. Together we can help them think bigger and find their “way out.”
Take some time to give back if you can — that is what Compton Snow Club is all about. We have coach’s jackets, hoodies, shirts and hats available in our site and everything made from the sales of the product goes directly to help the boys and girls clubs of Compton, California. By working with the club weekly and taking them snowboarding when possible, I hope we can help at least one kid better themselves and those around them. If even just that happens, snowboarding has saved another life. For that, I am grateful.”

Monday, August 3, 2015

Americans from Coast to Coast Cheer Major Climate Action Announced Today by President Obama and the EPA

Story by Sierra Club
Today President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency took a major step in the fight against climate disruption by releasing the Clean Power Plan. Until today, there were no limits on the amount of carbon pollution that power plants could dump into our air, wreaking havoc on our health and our climate.
More often than not, the power plants spewing this dangerous carbon pollution have a disproportionately negative effect on low-income communities and communities of color already suffering from toxic pollution's worst effects, including heart attacks, asthma, and premature death.
Cleaning up carbon pollution will help protect public health: Coal pollution in the United States results in more than $100 billion annually in health costs and more than 12,000 emergency room visits per year. Polluters are putting their profits ahead of people and the environment, and it’s time for that to end.
Also important, by establishing carbon pollution protections, President Obama and the EPA are beginning the essential work of cleaning up and modernizing how we power our country. This creates jobs and boosts the economy. Several studies out recently show the positive economic impact possible with the Clean Power Plan.
Americans strongly support this climate action, with polls from this year showing that nearly 70 percent of Americans across party lines support the Clean Power Plan.
Regular Americans aren't just cheering this announcement -- they were the key to making it happen. In July,the Sierra Club announced the 200th U.S. coal plant retirement, and clean, renewable energy is at record levels. Grassroots advocacy made that happen and, as a result, the U.S. is leading the industrialized world in reducing carbon emissions. We are are on track to meet -- and even exceed -- the carbon reduction targets in the Clean Power Plan.
One of those hard-working advocates is Verena Owen, the volunteer leader of the Beyond Campaign and a long-time champion for clean air. Here's what she had to say about today's announcement:
"I am excited by how much the Clean Power Plan will benefit communities and families in the form of lower electricity bills, better health, increased clean energy, and more jobs," said Verena. "The American people overwhelmingly support these efforts. And to know how much work grassroots activists have put into getting this national climate action to happen -- it's thrilling to see yet again how much of a force the people can be when we work together."
This is the U.S. taking the lead on climate action, and with the international climate meetings happening this fall in Paris, it is a powerful example for other countries to follow. Already, it's bringing other nations to the table with strong plans of their own.
We applaud the EPA and the Obama administration for taking this strong step for people and the planet -- and I thank the thousands upon thousands of activists nationwide who have marched, rallied, protested, written letters, made calls, and so much more  to demand serious climate action from our leaders.