Thursday, October 13, 2011

Recycle Utah and Snowsports Industry team up to create a ski/snowboard recycle program

Story by Transworld Business
Recycle Utah has teamed up with Snowsports Industry in Colorado to create a ski/snowboard recycle program to address the overwhelming issue of what to do with used, and old hard-goods. According to Park Record, since 2008, Snowsports Industry has collected over 300 tons of equipment ranging from snowboards, to skis, to helmets, boots, and more.

The recycling center in Colorado has collected over 8,000 pounds since the pilot program last spring, and will run through the fall, ending November 27th. “We are the only center in the state that is recycling old snow equipment. Anything that is not good enough for the ski swap, we will take,” said Recycle Utah executive director, Insa Riepen. “We created these sports we enjoy, but what happens in the end? This is the best solution we have found so far.”
The alternative to recycling old snow equipment is dumping into landfills.  Local shops are partaking in the efforts. Cole Sport is offering an incentive program to customers to choose to recycle, “If someone recycles an old pair of skis, they will get a coupon, good for a year, which gives them $50 off a new pair of skis at Cole Sport.  A recycled snowboard will get you $30 off a new snowboard” said Riepen. “We are offering coupons for everything, poles, goggles, boots, even gloves.”

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