Wednesday, October 12, 2011

atreebutes - A Clothing Alteration Project By Nicolas Müller & Frederik Kalbermatten

atreebutes is a cool new "clothing alteration project" by Nicolas Müller & Frederik Kalbermatten. They have an interesting view on the sustainability that i like. See for yourself...

There is this word.
It is all over the place. It has become so popular that some people use it without considering what great responsibility comes with it.
Even the petrol industry and major airlines like the sound of this word and dig out the 2 green percent in their companies to create a global marketing campaign out of them.
Although our main goal at atreebutes is to make clothes that are better and healthier for people and have little to no impact on the environment, we have to take it easy with the use of the s word.
Because we know that everything we do messes something up. Even if we try to be a good or „less bad“ brand, we still create problems that wouldn’t be there without us. If we wanted to live a sustainable life, we shouldn’t be doing a clothing brand. It’s as easy as that.
You can buy an organic apple at your local farmer’s shop and with some luck it is 99% organic because there is mainly water and sun involved in growing that apple. But there are so many steps involved in making a simple T-shirt that once it is finished, it has done some harm. We are aware of that.
But on the other hand you have to start at some point. Without being intimidated by what problems might lie ahead of you. That’s why we’re cool with the fact that the s word is so popular right now. It creates awareness for what’s going on in this world. And if it motivates people to make only a small step into the right direction, it means they make one step less into the wrong.
That is our mission. No steps into the wrong direction.
What you see here is our personal first step.
If you like parts of it and it maybe even gets you to change some of your old ways, we are on the right track.
And if you like it even quite a bit and you would like to become a part of it, drop us a line.
You’re always
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