Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pelican ProGear: Toughest outdoor gear for winter

When you’re facing extreme weather, sometimes a dainty, non-insulated plastic device case just doesn’t cut it - especially when you want to be outside enjoying the winter terrain or shredding down a mountain. Pelican offers a solution with its Pelican ProGear Vault and Protector Series ( – rugged, crushproof cases designed for your extreme lifestyle.

Vault for iPad Air an iPad mini: Drop tested and crush proof, each case offers protection from momentary water immersion and expertly defends against the most extreme elements including wind-driven rain, dirt, snow, and sand. Additional features include a waterproof membrane that covers the microphone and speakers, without hindering high-fidelity audio.

Protector for Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5/s: Defend your phone with two layers of protection – a tough chamber design on the outside, and a soft elastomeric lining on the inside. The result? Upon impact, the case deflects energy and cushions your phone, preventing damage to its fragile glass surface.
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