Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Planet Earth: Timeless, Eco-Conscious Streetwear and Technical Outerwear

Whatever nature brings you can count on Planet Earth to keep you warm, dry and prepared, with timeless streetwear and technical outerwear that also happens to be one of the deepest year round, eco-conscious product lines in the industry. Check out their 2012 Fall/Winter Collection HERE!

Below is a list of the sustainable elements found in Planet Earth's products.


100% of our cotton products are made from a blend of virgin and certified organic cotton

Our cottons can potentially be recycled making it a renewable resource without compromising performance. All Planet Earth cottons are grown and processed from IMO (Institute for MArket ecology) Certified Fields and are SCP (Sustainable Cotton Project) compliant.

Look it up at www.SustainableCotton.org or www.Imo.ch.


100% of our polyester fabrics are made from a blend of virgin and recycled PET.

We offer both 2 layer and 3 layer fabric of which our 3 layer in not only made of 100% recycled polyester but is also completely RECYCLABLE! The 3 layers bonded as one are made with a Dupont Active Layer membrane for superior wind and water protection that literally keeps you dry for up to 8 hours in ice storms. Although there isn't recycling bins for your 3 layer jacket today, it's the first step in making the right change for tomorrow. 


100% of our inks and fabric dyes are formaldehyde-free.

We use water-based inks and dyes that are environmentally friendly and durable, looking sharp and true to their original color over time.


Formaldehyde is traditionally used in inks and dyes yet has recently been determined by the International Agency for Research on Cancer that it is a carcinogen (cancer-causing substance).


100% of our products are packed in 100% recyclable poly bags!

We even printed the recycling reminder on them with water based inks. So unlike the thousands of other bags you’ve been forced to throw into the environment over your lifetime, go ahead and throw these into the recycling bin with your bottles and they might become your next jacket, board short, or just another bag.


Four to five trillion Polyethylene plastic bags are manufactured each year. It takes 1,000 years for them to break down during which times toxic substances leach into the soil and the food chain. Each year approximately 1 billion sea birds and mammals and 100,00 marine mammals die eating them.

S. CAFE FABRIC - Drink it, Wear it!

S.Cafe is a technical composite fiber made from recycled coffee grounds. The fiber is used to make yarn, and then into knitted or woven fabric.

S.Cafe utilizes coffee grounds' natural ability to absorb odors for a comfortable wearing experience. It also provides UVA and UVB protection, and it is very fast drying.

Coffee grounds that have been added into the fiber are collected from coffee shops. After brewing they are generally taken as waste. Brewing also takes away some of the other substances in the coffee grounds, which make the production procedures less energy intensive.

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