Friday, September 28, 2012

Catalyst Snowboards - Sustainable, Ethical, and Australian Made

While this site (Green & Sustainable Outdoor Gear Blogseeks to promote companies that are using the most sustainable production standards and applying ethical working conditions, we are also keen to highlight gear that is still made in Australia.
Catalyst snowboards is based at Smeaton in Central Vic.
Their boards are all made in Australia and are custom built. You can order via their website and the factory is open by appointment. (check the site for details) or facebook page.
For the core they use Australian plantation grown Paulownia wood. Catalyst says “Paulownia trees are grown in parts of WA, northern NSW and QLD, they are a fast growing renewable resource with a very high weight to strength ratio ideal for snowboard cores”.
They can do custom graphics on boards, “we can customize your shape and build you basically anything you want, all you need to do is come to us with your idea and specifications”.
Another nice aspect of their site is their support for local artists:

“Catalyst snowboards gives local artists the opportunity to have their work displayed on our site and gives the riding community the chance to support them through the ability to purchase a snowboard with a limited edition graphic on it”.
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