Thursday, March 15, 2012

The GreenroomVoice rethinks transparency for board sports and outdoor brands with Ecorating

I really like The GreenroomVoice site and love their Ecorating tool!
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Yes! The GreenroomVoice Ecorating is a powerful tool to evaluate sustainability.
Today it’s almost impossible for individual alone to determine if aproduct is green or not.

Why? Because it means dealing with a lot of confusing informations (labels, standards, certifications, NGO…)


To help you find your way in the eco jungle, we created a scientific rating system which processes all the relevant data providing simple answers.
The GreenroomVoice Ecorating is scientific and global. It’s not a label either a certification or a standard, it’s an independant evaluation.

Our mission statement

Share transparency, avoid confusion and green-washing.

How it works?

  1. Brands fill in the GreenroomVoice Ecorating evaluation sheet.
  2. The GreenroomVoice process and verify the data independently.
  3. Evaluation is published on, depending on results (needs to achieve 10%).

What is the rating all about?

There are 3 main criterias:
  1. BRAND PHILOSOPHY. We consider everything that concerns the brands and their way of working. From staff to energy and packaging philosophies, labels, green projects, etc.
  2. SUPPLY CHAIN.  Products are made all over the world, often in Asia. That’s why they have a very complex supply chain. Including many steps from the sourcing of the tissue, the dying and finishing, the buttons, zippers, treatments for water-resistance etc right through to the assembly of the product. The better the brand knows it’s supply chain, and the more transparent it is, the better the brand can act towards many eco friendly solutions.
  3. PRODUCT. We find out what are the components, recycled materials, design? Is it recyclable? Eco or recycled tissues? Durability? Can you wash it with low temperatures? Etc.

Why trust us?

Because the GreenroomVoice Ecorating is:
  1. INDEPENDENT. There is no commercial interaction in the brand and supply chain rating. Brands support us with featured highlights.
  2. SCIENTIFIC. Rating criteras were created by scientifics specialist in ecology.
  3. GLOBAL. It indicates the level of ecological performanceof a brand in a holistic way from it’s conception to the product’s recyclability.


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