Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lazer Sport X Protect Our Winters collab for climate awareness and a new line of helmets

Lazer Sport and Protect Our Winters have teamed up to launch a new line of snowsports helmets. The new partnership will focus on creating programs that engage the wintersports community in the fight against climate change, pledging 1% of all revenues to environmental groups like POW.
“When we committed to 1% for the Planet, there was no other non-profit we considered supporting. What Jeremy Jones, and POW have done is incredible. It is grassroots, yet powerful and authentic to who we want to be, and who we want to partner with,” commented Lazer snow CEO Peter Steenwegen.
Read on for more details on this collaboration:
Even though Lazer snow helmets are not yet available to consumers, Lazer is starting its support for POW from day one of the new products, and in conjunction with the launch of the entire snow helmet collection at the Snowsports Industries of America SnowShow in Denver. “Even though we are a new brand in the snowsport business, we feel it is important to take a leadership role within the industry, and this is one of our actions” states Hans Dyhrman, Director of Marketing for Lazer Snow.  According to POW Executive Director, Chris Steinkamp, “we’re really excited that Lazer Sport has decided to support POW this year and we’re looking forward to work  with them as they build their global snow brand, developing a partnership that uses our collective reach to build awareness and take action against climate change.”  Over the next year, both companies will be coordinating to further the POW message, while also creating meaningful steps to lower our carbon footprints.
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