Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Treadsmith Board Co - hand-crafted, hand-painted, environmentally supportive, and customized snowboards

Treadsmith Board Co is a US-based independent company making hand-forged snowboards with timeless design appeal for riders of any age, gender, race, religion or nationality. Their boards are not mass-produced but rather they are built one at a time only after being ordered. Treadsmith snowboards are hand-crafted, hand-painted, environmentally supportive, customized to spec for our riders, and built to last for years.

They try to use materials from sustainable local sources and their boards are made using hand tools so less energy is consumed.  Their wood veneer and wood cores come from suppliers who are FSC certified. All of the waste within the construction of the boards is recycled and the bases are finished by hand with a final coat of Magic Potion (Eco Friendly Wax). They also support One Percent for the Planet. 

Check out their boards at www.treadsmith.com!
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