Friday, May 27, 2011

Kronicle - the first mag dedicated to backcountry snowboarding

Height of Land Publications (HOL), the parent company of Backcountry, recently announced that it will be releasing a new backcountry snowboarding dedicated title this fall called Kronicle!

Kronicle is a backcountry snowboard publication tailored to riders with a thirst for untracked snow, untapped lines, and exploration. We’re employing the richest stories, images and design to chronicle the people and places of backcountry snowboarding. That’s not all—we also report on the gear and skills riders need to reach their mountain objectives.

In 2011, snowboarding’s limitations are dissolving on the up and down. Athletes with star power, from Johan Olofsson to Xavier de Le Rue to Jeremy Jones are developing new backcountry gear and shining the spotlight on bc riding. Now more riders than ever are heading out of bounds, splitboarding, taking snowcat and heli trips, and putting new lines on the map. Getting out there.

During its relatively short lifespan, snowboarding has covered a lot of ground and backcountry is the next frontier. It’s a homecoming of sorts, coming back to where it all began, bringing the sport full circle and leading us to Kronicle. This is our story, and it’s just the beginning. —Mike Horn, Editor
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