Wednesday, March 4, 2009

K2 "O" Snowboard

This year, K2 Snowboards have made great efforts to minimize their material consumption and to contain their waste stream. They've introduced HybriLight Construction which makes their new "0" lighter and stronger than most other snowboards and supposedly reduces emissions of C02, Sox, Nox, and particulates by 67% - 90%.  HybriLight Construction is said to completely eliminate the usage of ABS plastic, and produce a fiberglass that is 35% stronger thus requiring less construction materials. In addition, K2 claims to have eliminated 85% of plastic packaging material, 94% of ink and solvents, the need for a UV coating, and produced the wood cores from sustainably harvested Aspen and Bamboo which regrows from existing root systems after cutting thereby mitigating soil erosion in their ecosystems. Besides revamping their manufacturing process so winter lives on K2 will purchase pollution offset credits for every “O” snowboard manufactured.  These credits ensure that purchasing this snowboard will not contribute to the deteriorating environment. Find out more at!
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