Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Boombot REX

Boombotix, a leader in portable music technology, announces the “Build-A-Bot” customization tool for the Boombot REX. 

The Build-A-Bot also comes with limited edition artwork created by Benny Gold (MSRP 

The Boombot REX ultraportable Bluetooth speaker connects to iPods, computers, 

tablets and other smartphones with Bluetooth capability. The special polymer housing 

means Boombots are built to withstand more than just general wear and tear. Build-A-

Bot allows users to create a unique Boombot REX by mix-and-matching the speaker’s 

grills, bezel, clip and body color. Additionally, Build-A-Bot users can upload pictures from 

smartphones or personal artwork, and print it on a Boombot REX’s grill.

“We’re the first speaker manufacturer to allow this level of customization through our 

website,” said Boombotix founder Lief Storer. “Having the ability to put my dog’s face on 

a Boombot REX speaks volumes to what customized speakers represent and what 

Boombotix was always meant to be: a personalized, ultraportable music experience.”

Boombotix partnered with Benny Gold to create three limited edition designs that users 

can select when customizing a speaker. With offices in San Francisco only two miles 

apart, the two brands made for a natural fit. 

“The Gold brand consistently partners with companies that represent quality products, 

and the Boombot REX exemplifies that value,” said Benjamin Weiner, creator of the 

Benny Gold brand. “The designs we created for this partnership include imagery that 

The Boombot REX boasts the best sound for its size, among other attractive 

specifications for a rugged, ultraportable speaker:

 A rechargeable medical grade lithium-ion battery (1500mAH capacity) offering a 

 Improved hydro-sealing to handle light rain/snow (IPX4 rating)

 Easy to reach top mounted button configuration

 Embedded microphone to take calls on the go

 Power: 2 x 3W Full Range Drivers + Passive Bass Woofer

 Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP Wireless Connectivity

All Boombots come with a one-year, “no matter what” warranty. The ABS polymer 

housing makes every speaker ultraportable and ultra rugged.  Boombotix offers many 

accessories, such as the bicycle handlebar bar mount and TuffSKIN protective cover, to 

give users even more creative and travel freedom.


Boombotix was founded to make the best ultra-portable speaker experience. The 

company’s weatherproof speakers feature premium acoustics, wireless connectivity, 

rechargeable batteries, and ruggedized shells built to last. Boombotix’s speakers 

interface with smartphones, tablets, laptops and most mobile devices. These ultra-

portable speakers are the new evolution of mobile audio: Boombots.

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