Monday, December 15, 2014

SHRED Foundation: Snow, Skate, Work.

The goal for the SHRED Foundation is to harness the unifying power of snow/skate culture to inspire an alternative path for young people considering non-traditional career opportunities. Our programming incorporates "Learn to Ride" programs designed to challenge youth, facilitate self efficacy and teach basic life skills. The program will also provide workshops and training in graphic design, journalism, photography, videography, new media education, environmental advocacy and entrepreneurial training.

By partnering with local stakeholders (organizations, schools, local recreation departments, snow/skate companies, reps, shops, mountains, and brands), SHRED will also provide apprentice programs for youth who are interested in pursuing potential careers outside of traditional routes. SHRED values the importance of teaching its youth the core aspects of the culture, which include individuality, creativity, progression, entrepreneurial drive and community. 

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