Saturday, December 21, 2013

Definition: Snowboarding is a feature length documentary film that asks the question "What is Snowboarding?"

What is Snowboarding? A sport? A lifestyle? An art form? It's a simple question with an almost infinite number of answers...

Definition: Snowboarding is a feature length documentary film Matt Devino been working on in his free time with virtually no funding. He's hoping to garner interest in the project with this trailer and use it to raise funding to complete the feature length film.

Definition: Snowboarding will be an in-depth look at all of the genres of Snowboarding through the eyes of Pro Riders and non-pros alike. Matt aims to create film that both the general public and the hardcore snowboarder will enjoy, and to share all of the amazing aspects of riding instead of the homogenized X-Games/halfpipe riding most people are familiar with. Ultimately he wants to inspire new people to go snowboarding for the first time, and reinvigorate current riders to get out there and enjoy their boards more often.

If you are interested in helping make this film a reality through funding or any other avenue please contact and check out the facebook page.

Special thanks to all the filmers that provided riding footage for this trailer.
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