Monday, April 22, 2013


By Transworld Business

Companies worldwide are engaging their resources and efforts more and more when it comes to creating sustainable products, protecting the environment through more innovative, green manufacturing processes, running more eco-efficient operations, starting from the ground up.
“Earth Day is a reminder that we are never doing enough, both in how we direct our companies and as individuals,” says Eugene, Oregon’s Tactics Boardshop Co-owner Bob Chandler. “In terms of what companies can do to encourage sustainability across our industry? Simple – think long term. For example, where will this product be in 30 years? Can it be reused or recycled? Would I want my kid to bathe in every one if its components? Also, what kind of a consumer/retailer/manufacturer landscape do we want to have in 30 years? Is it simply a world where Amazon/Zappos, the manufacturers selling direct, and publicly held mall stores are left standing? At the end of the day, people alive right now answer these questions and direct the future. Whatever choices are made, they should be conscious, intentional, and thoughtful, with an eye on the future.”
We checked in with Hurley and Volcom to find out what initiatives they have in place for Earth Day and beyond.

Follow the jump to hear about Hurley’s H2o program, World Water Day events, and partnership with The Ecology Center, and click through to page three to hear from Volcom’s Derek Sabori on the brand’s week-long Earth Day celebration, and Burton’s Sustainability Manager Ali Kenney weighs in on page four about the brand’s new initiatives including partnering with Protect Our Winters. 

Weigh in below with you and your company’s Earth Day and ongoing sustainability efforts…[click HERE]

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