Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sterling Planet Teams Up with Sports and Social Change to Lower Environmental Impacts of Sporting Events

Winner of the 2012 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Supplier of the Year Award, Sterling Planet is a sustainability pioneer and innovative supplier of renewable energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon solutions, and has become a key player in driving sustainability and responsible energy usage in the sports business through relationships with the NHL, NFL, Philadelphia Eagles, Kroenke Sports Enterprises (Pepsi Center/Denver Nuggets) and Beyond Sport.

Sports and Social Change is partnering with Sterling Planet to offer their carbon neutral solutions to Action Sports event organizers for all types of snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, surfing, motocross and BMX races and contests, as well as Endurance Racing events including marathons, 5K/10K races, triathlons, cycling and mountain biking events. They believe their combined efforts will help the sports industry run events, tournaments and races that have a big impact on society and very small impact on the environment. 

To learn more about how clean energy solutions and carbon offsets can shrink a sports event's carbon footprint and benefit the environment, please contact Howard Brodwin via email at or phone (323) 841-2267.

About Sports and Social Change
At Sports and Social Change we see sports as a dynamic platform to unite a broad range of disparate audiences and focus their time, energy and resources to address critical social issues. Our mission is to provide access to information, resources and opportunities for those seeking connections with social change and cause-related organizations around the world that utilize sports as the primary vehicle to empower change.

Sports and Social Change is committed to providing the sports industry with socially responsible business solutions that positively impact the planet, the sports community and the bottom line. We hold a unique position within the global sports community, with the power to channel the industry's talent and resources to tackle some of the planet's most significant social issues through innovative cause marketing campaigns, corporate social responsibility initiatives, brand & nonprofit partnerships, and empowerment on social enterprise models in sports business. 

About Sterling Planet 
Sterling Planet in the nation’s leading retail provider of renewable energy certificates (RECs) in both voluntary and compliance markets and is the only provider of a comprehensive portfolio of carbon-reduction assets – RECs, carbon offsets and innovative White Tags® energy efficiency certificates. Recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the 2012 Green Power Supplier of the Year, Sterling Planet delivers more than 5 billion REC kilowatt-hours annually to members of the voluntary EPA Green Power Partnership, including the top three purchasers. In compliance markets, Sterling Planet is a leading supplier to government agencies and has partnered with 169 utilities nationwide. 
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