Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Shreddy Times Edit - Danny in Argentina!

Story by Conor Toumarkine, Shreddy Times

Back in March my brother Danny and I headed down to Argentina in search of a much needed break from the last couple years. It had been awhile since Danny and I had been on a trip together and recent life events seemed like the perfect recipe for some time away.
Heading down to Argentina in the middle of the North American summer had been a dream of mine for long time. I can remember as a kid always having a hard time imagining that it was winter somewhere else while we are in the middle of summer here in North America. Since, I found out about the phenomenon I have always wanted to experience it first hand.
With snowboarding and fun on our minds we packed our bags and headed to Argentina.
The mountains were huge, the lake was beautiful and the people were wonderful. Unfortunately for us we didn’t do so well on the timing snow-wise. But, how can you really complain when you are lucky enough to get to travel to the southern hemisphere to go snowboarding.
This video was shot on MD mark ii, 7D and the Sony FS700.
~ Conor
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