Monday, October 22, 2012

Moss Halladay: Protect Our Winters Ambassador and Big Mountain Ripper

I had the pleasure of meeting Moss at Mt Hood in 2010 and our friendship developed over the past few years in Tahoe. Moss is a great person and a great snowboarder. I caught up with Moss for snowboardgreen's first interview. Here it is.

Even with a poor winter you still managed to have a great season. Tell us about it.

Last season was a struggle in Tahoe. We all had high hopes of a lot of snow since the previous season was so good.  It ended up being one of the worst seasons Lake Tahoe has ever seen!  I was still able to make it out and find some good snow. I traveled around and did the first 2 stops of The NorthFace Masters and then went to Alaska. Alaska was a full rebate to having such a difficult time in Tahoe.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up snowboarding in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado so I wasn't really exposed to many parks in my early shred years. It was a ton of fun and I feel super pumped with growing up shredding NM and SoCo. I didn't realize it then but New Mexico and Southern Colorado have some of the steepest terrain around.   When I was 18 years old I moved to Vail Colorado with a buddy to ride more park and bigger mountains. Over the next 6 years I lived in Vail, Durango, and Silverthorne. I had an amazing time living in Colorado and it really was a great foundation for being in the snowboard industry. 

You recently went on some big trips. Let's hear about them.

Alaska this winter was amazing. I had been one time before and realized quickly it was nearly impossible without using a snowmobile.. This winter I decided to ship my sled from Oakland to Anchorage and then drove it to Valdez.  It was def a game changer being able to utilize my sled and the distances we could ride..We were insanely lucky to have almost 3 weeks of good weather and good snow!

With hopes of continuing my summer shred I headed down to South America this August with my buddy Charlie Hoch. Unfortunately their season was about as good as Tahoes was and it hardly snowed.  We were able to get a few storms and had an amazing time traveling around. It was my first time to Argentina and Chile so I was super stoked on seeing the different landscapes and meeting locals.

Tell us about you work with Jeremy Jones' environmental non-profit Protect Our Winters.

I'm super privileged to be able to work with POW.  I have been given the opportunity to speak to high school students on Climate Change and how it can affect everyone.  We try to educate them on what's going on and relate it to them in a realistic manner.

Who do you ride for?

Right now I'm riding for The NorthFace, Smith, Squaw Valley, and Nike Snowboarding “Flow”.

What are they doing on the sustainability front?

Smith has the Evolve series which uses environmentally considerate and renewable materials.  The NorthFace also has a ton of stuff incorporating sustainable materials.

What's on tap for this season?

Hopefully a whole lot of pow is on tap for the season! I have a lot of ideas that are starting to shape up so hopefully we get the snow to make them happen!   I would love to spend as much time on my sled as I can exploring Tahoe!

Thanks Moss. Looking forward to getting after it with you this season!

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