Thursday, July 5, 2012

Firewire launches White Rapidfire Technology - PVC-free and VOC-free

Story by Transworld Biz
Firewire surf boards has launched the White Rapidfire (RF) construction, which substitutes a PVC-free and VOC-free composite deck skin for the original bamboo inlay characteristic from its initial RF technology. According to the Firewire research and development team, the composite maintains the overall flex and durability of the board giving it the same RF ride, only with a fresh new appearance.

Rapidfire was originally created in conjunction with Surfboard Suspension Systems, incorporating a core shaped from 1.5lb fused EPS foam and a bamboo skin applied using Firewire’s proven sandwich construction techniques. The result is a lightweight, high performance build with a highly durable deck and an incredibly lively flex response.

The new White Rapidfire mimics the high performance of the original ‘bamboo’ RF tech, while boasting environmentally responsive materials and a totally different aesthetic.

Initially this technology will be offered in the following shapes: the Alternator, Hellrazor, Hellfire, Dominator, Spitfire and Sweet Potato.“Firewire believes that refinements to the shape of today’s modern surfboards can only produce incremental performance benefits. 

Exponential improvements in performance require the ongoing development of new materials and construction methods which, in turn, will fuel new design opportunities.
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