Friday, March 9, 2012

TwoThirds - a surf-inspired street label that donates 10% of profits to ocean conservation groups

Two-thirds of our planet is covered by ocean, yet despite the efforts of leading oceanographers, we still know more about the Moon’s craggy surface than the jaguar sharks that patrol the ocean’s floor.
Our exploration of the ocean’s depths may be moving at an underwater pace, but our destruction of it is, as you can imagine, unimaginable.
Enter TwoThirds, a surf-inspired street label out of Spain that donates 10% of profits to ocean conservation groups, and which was recently named an essential designer of 2012 by GQ.
As with many high-end green (or in this case, blue) brands, it’s all too easy to focus exclusively on TwoThird’s sustainable fabrics and philanthropic endeavors.
But cast aside the organic materials and packaging that dissolves in water, and what remains is a timeless brand with clean lines, one you’ll likely be hearing a lot more about in 2012.
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