Monday, March 5, 2012

Roxy and Plastics Make It Possible Highlight The Importance Of Recycled Plastics

Roxy has teamed up with Plastics Make it Possible, an initiative sponsored by the plastic industries of the American Chemistry Council, to showcase the significant role that recycled plastics play in the snow sports industry. Through their collaboration Roxy and Plastics Make it Possible are aiming to highlight the benefits of  devoting resources to using recycled plastics in the manufacturing of snow sports goods; for example, the use of recycled plastics from beverage bottles being used to make a variety of winter sports gear such as fleece jackets, gloves and even snowboards.
To showcase their efforts, Roxy and Plastics Make it Possible have launched a contest that challenges contestants to create and submit a graphic design for a snowboard to a voting gallery on the Plastics Make it Possible Facebook page. The two contestants to receive the most votes will see their creations realized via Roxy’s snowboard factory.
“Roxy is dedicated to creating products that are environmentally and socially responsible,” said Iris Yen, Vice President, Communications, Quiksilver Inc. “Working with Plastics Make it Possible® to bring two snowboarders’ creative designs to life allows us to showcase some of the positive effects of taking care of the resources that give us so much while teaching a very important lesson in a fun setting.”
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WASHINGTON – In addition to the contest, Plastics Make it Possible® has created a new interactive feature on its website that demonstrates how plastics are integrated into snowboarding and many aspects of winter sports. The snowboarding infographic highlights how plastics help make snowboards lighter, stronger and more durable and flexible; keep athletes warm and dry on the slopes with insulated, water-resistant clothing; and perform critical safety functions in helmets, bindings, and other equipment.
“Winter sports are fast-paced and high energy, so the gear needs to be tough and up to the task,” said Steve Russell, vice president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council. “When you look closely at a snowboarder – the helmet, the goggles, the clothing, the bindings, the board – it becomes clear how plastics have truly revolutionized the sport.”
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