Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Niche Snowboards wins the ISPO Eco Award for hardgoods

Niche Snowboards just won the ISPO Eco Award for hardgoods!

Jury Statement

“The Niche Story Snowboard is a well thought through product with carefully selected, sustainable materials such as the FSC certified wood core and Hemp Stringers to replace Carbon Fibre. Critical substances have been removed, such as the surface lacquer, or replaced with recycled materials.”
Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, Erasmus University, Germany

Niche Snowboards Niche Story 
All-mountain freestyle snowboard.

Sustainable Development
Every component in our boards either replaces traditional materials with an environmentally friendlier alternative, or uses recycled materials. The combination of materials we use makes a lighter, more elastic, and more durable snowboard.

Snappy Sap: Replaces traditional resins with a flexible and impact resistant resin composed of 45% b materials. Magma Fiber: Replaces fiberglass with basalt for lighter stronger boards. Wood Topsheet: Replaces plastic with naturally treated bamboo that does not use lacquer or other harmful chemicals.

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility
Niche is 100% cmitted to being as eco-friendly as possible. Traditional snowboard manufacturing is toxic! Niche has revo- lutionized this process with new materials and new construction technologies that increase performance and quality.
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