Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Rider's Project - Selling Snow, Skate, and Surf gear and donating 100% of the profits to a charity of your choice

I recently came across this very cool retail site - selling Snow, Skate, and Surf gear/ apparel at reduced prices and donating 100% of the profit of every sale to a charity of your choice. HOpefully they will increase their product offerings in the future but regardless it's  a great idea. Read more about The Rider's Project below.

The Riders Project was founded by a few individuals who grew up in an outdoor playground and fell in love.  We have enjoyed active lifestyles through skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing for as long as can be remembered.  We have been immersed in these sports and the lifestyle that accompanies them for years, and have seen it all.  We have worked graveyard shifts every winter and we have lived in houses packed full of roommates. We have woken up at dawn to catch a few waves before work and been booted out of plenty of skate spots.  We have had so much fun doing what we love and want to continue that stoke for many years to come. 
Unfortunately not everyone has been so lucky.  Our planet currently sits in a precarious position, people are fighting to find clean water, food, and shelter. Children are growing up without an education, autistic, and in abusive environments. We are fighting disease, wars and political indifference. Things are not going well. It has never been more important to give back and help support all of the positive causes out there trying their hardest to make a difference. The problem is, we are just as broke as the next guy and can’t just cut a giant check to call it good. That is why we formed The Riders Project as our way of helping you give back; an organic funding model that helps raise capital and awareness for some of the worlds greatest causes.
We know that it hurts to open up your wallet for new gear each season, and with life’s expenses growing endlessly it isn’t easy giving to charity.  By tapping into the generosity of companies within the action sports industry who understand and share our goal, we are able to get our hands on the gear you need to feed your addiction at ridiculously discounted prices giving you no excuse not to buy all that your heart desires. Then, we donate 100% of the profit made from your purchase to any charity you choose.  You get the gear you need without breaking the bank, charities get the funds they deserve, and the good karma keeps the snow falling and the swells rolling in. It is a good start. Thank you for your help.

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sara said...

Interesting post! But I cannot figure out what the difference between snowboard and snowskate is?

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