Monday, June 27, 2011

Hitch Whistler - Free Rideshare Site

Check out Hitch Whistler...a totally free rideshare site connecting those heading up to Whistler with those in need of a ride. The intention is to help reduce the carbon footprint of those heading up the mountain by promoting ridesharing. On an individual level people can also share the costs of the drive and remove the need to hitch on the side of the road. Hitch Whistler launched at the beginning of last season and has nearly 1300 users on the site with over a 1000 trips being completed this season. While other carpool sites exist Hitch Whistler's goal is to create a more local community based rideshare around a shared passion with snow lovers using the site in the winter and bikers and climbers using it in the summer. Hitch Whistler hopes to expand and create similar sites for other mountains in Canada and possibly the US in the future.
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