Monday, May 2, 2011

Vertra Element Resistance Sunscreen - Skin Cancer Foundation Certified

Make sure you rock some sunscreen when you're shredding this spring and summer. Vertra Element Resistance makes great certified products aimed at action sports and all other outdoor sports participants. Vertra currently sponsors snowboarder JP Walker as well as a number of other top notch action sports athletes. Athletes that participate in action sports and other rigorous outdoor activities are amongst the most prolific candidates to suffer from sunburn, skin damage, photo-aging and unfortunately in a lot of cases, skin cancer.  Simply put, quality suncare products for people like us are not an accessory, but a necessity. To accomplish our goal of awareness, we knew we needed a line that possessed Quality, Innovation and Style and not just one or the other… A line that was developed, formulated and manufactured with superior ingredients and designer quality manufacturing processes but with the steez of all your favorite, familiar brands…With suncare, you cannot front quality. It has to function properly and provide the wearer with the protection it claims or in our opinion, it simply does not work.So how did Vertra ensure that we possessed a quality line of products?  Well, in addition to the rigorous R&D and testing put in by our world class team of athletes for the past 3 years, we also subjected ourselves to testing standards above and beyond what the government regulated sunscreen division of the FDA required.To do this, we turned to the Skin Cancer Foundation which is recognized as the international, educational leader to the public and medical professions on skin cancer, skin cancer prevention, detection, and treatment.  They have also set the highest criteria for sun and skincare products seeking to acquire their approval.  All Vertra products were subjected to a stringent series of SPF, Water Resistant, and phototoxic/contact irritation/allergic reaction tests to see if they met the Foundation’s standards.  The results were then reviewed by their photobiology committee, which is comprised of some the nation’s leading dermatologist and experts in their respected medical professions. We passed convincingly and now all Vertra products possess the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Official Seal of Recommendation.

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