Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sustainable Apparel Coalition Launches

Several heavy hitting apparel brands, retailers and organizations such as Patagonia, Nike and The Outdoor Industry Association, have launched the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a group of 30 businesses working to lead the industry towards developing improved sustainability strategies and tools to measure and evaluate sustainability performance. The coalition, which was created informally last year, is modeling its new initiative—the Version 1.0 Apparel Index—after Nike’s Apparel Environmental Design Tool and the Outdoor Industry Association’s Eco Index.

The Outdoor Industry Association is a member of the Coalition and welcomes the launch. “OIA looks forward to working as a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to build robust tools for apparel and footwear that are driven by content found in the outdoor industry Eco Index,” said Amy Roberts, vice president of Government Affairs for OIA. “At the same time, we will continue to support the unique ability of the outdoor industry to lead in the work of sustainability as we complete the Eco Index content and develop environmental impact evaluation tools and education that assist our member companies as they make sourcing, product life cycle and purchasing decisions.”

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