Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Republic Snowboards

Long time Rome rider Yan Dofin is starting a new snowboard company based and manufactured in Quebec , Canada.  Republic snowboards has been launched as a collective of riders, artists, photographers and friends to desing their first line up of boards using proven technologies, very interesting flex and of course lots of pop! They have some great graphic designs for 2011-12 all inspired by local artist and photographer. Also they don't market any of there boards with "green" claims but are doing their part environmentally and socially.

Environmental Efforts

-For printing graphics, Republic mainly use a process called sublimation, wich is a water base process without the need of any chemical solvent. They also recycle all transfer paper use in this process.

-They recycle all cut out of plastic base material

-They recycle plastic chip from cutting process

-They only use pneumatic power, which is supply from electrical power. Note that in Quebec, only Hydro electricity is used which is one of the greener energies at the moment.

-They use a local sawmill as supplier for wood core, so it allow us to use local aspen and poplar that is not interesting for local carpenter or cabinetry shop and that are often wood that is scrap our burn for heating by many local sawmill.

-They supply more than 98% of our material in north america, more than 53% of this material is within Canada and more than 34% of this material is within Quebec, so that considerably reduce our carbon footprint's by not buying material we can supply locally or as close to us as possible.

Social Efforts

-By sourcing material as close to their factory as possible and by taking time to transfer our knowledge to specific potentiel local supplier they favorise local economy and contribute to keep employment up in our area.

-By employing local workers and giving them a decent salary for their hard work they contribute again to the local economy and to maintain level of employment as high as possible in an area of Quebec where un-employment is high due the the economical situation and crisis in the wood industry.

Check out Republic Snowboards on Facebook.

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