Monday, February 7, 2011

The Oakley Arctic Challenge - Greener Event

The Oakley Arctic Challenge in Oslo, Norway is less than two weeks away. This event created by Terje Haakonsen will showcase the best riders in the world riding the most innovative features. Besides putting on one the most amazing snowboard contests this year The Arctic Challenge (TAC) will make environmental consciousness a center piece. They plan to implement comprehensive waste management and recycling programs, serve organic food, partner with environemnteally certified hotels, and use energy from renewable sources. TAC voluntarily participates in the Eco-Lighthuose certification of events ( with the goal of each year to be certified. Being certified as an Ego-Lighthouse event means that you have fulfilled a complex set of criterias, that must be carried out in order to be certified. This includes everything from increasing the amount of waste being recycled to making sure as many as possible of our suppliers are green. For more info on the event and their Green Challenge go to

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