Thursday, January 13, 2011

1MinuteToSaveTheWorld - Environmental Film Competition Ends Jan 17!

From 1MinuteToSaveTheWorld:

Global warming is a term used to refer to the dramatic changes in climate that have been seen over the last few decades. It is a concept specific to our generation because we have had the biggest influence on global warming. Everything from the cars we drive to the products we use can be harmful to the environment.

Younger generations are even more aware of the harrowing affects of our carbon footprint than ever before. There are over two billion people under the age of 18 and they have a very strong, collective voice. Children can be very smart, socially responsible citizens capable of participating in the discussion of climate change and how it will affect their lives. They know how dangerous changes in the environment can be if steps aren't taken soon.

Young people have tremendous resilience and enthusiasm-essential for creating social and environmental change within their local communities and worldwide. They are idealists who can still see the beauty in the world and what may be. When you're young, you still think you can change the world and the truth of the matter is you can. 1Minute Films have set out to prove just that.

1minutetosavetheworld, an environment non-profit organization, has formed an online film campaign to raise awareness of climate change and it's impact on the environment. Young people from around the world have been submitting one-minute films on global warming and how it has affected them personally or culturally. Their videos are clever, well thought out, and sincere. Climate change is a global issue and does not discriminate against whom it affects, an issue that youth seem to understand very well.

The competition continues through to January 17th and while they have seen incredible sources of inspiring creativity thus far, there is still time to submit an entry and participate! 1minutetosavetheworld wants you to know that it is in our hands to create change.

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