Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Levitation Project's Balaclava

Want the best skull piece for the most epic pow day? Want to hide from the mistakes you made the night before? Need to stay warm on the coldest day of the season or just protect your face from the sun?

The LP balaclava is as good as it gets! You can cover your face or pull it under your chin. Its mesh mouth allows you to breath with out fogging your goggles. They have added extra length in the neck so you are set up for maximum warmth and coverage. This is a fine blend of polyester made from recycled plastic - MADE IN PERU (not in China)! This fabric breathes and wicks better than your current face protection. LP has also added cocona, which is a thread made from discarded coconut shells. cocona has activated carbon in it, so it absorbs odor. Your skull stays warm and all those sweaty hikes or days on your sled won’t catch up to your nose. Now you can breathe on the deepest days!

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