Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Sports Recycling Program

Old gear needs a home, but there’s no more vacancy in landfills. While used snowboarding clothing and equipment might trickle through to the hands of a friend, sell at a gear swap, or end up in a donation box, it ultimately lays to rest in a mountain of trash-where it deteriorating life will outlast yours. But a solution to recycle and repurpose these old products in gaining momentum. The Snow Sports Industries of America (SIA) is in its third year of developing a snow-gear recycling program. Last Year alone, the Snow Sports Recycling Solution took in over 200 tons of gear (the equivalent of some 80,000 snowboards). Right now they’re in the testing phase of turning old junk into new purposeful products like composite lumber for homes, parking curbs, rock climbing holds, and even new snow gear. The group is developing partnerships with various manufacturers, gear swaps, shops, and outreach programs to close the loop on trashed products and spread the program nation wide.

The Recycling Solution program is only offered in certain parts of Colorado, but we’re anxiously awaiting expansion. Until then, drop our gear off at any of these store locations, at the SIA trade show in Denver (January 27-30, 20100, or email to find out what to do.

  • Boulder Ski Deals (Boulder)
  • Colorado Ski & Golf (Aurora, Arvada, Littleton, Colorado Springs)
  • Outdoor Divas (Boulder, Denver)

Story by Transworld Snowboarding 2011 Gear Guide
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