Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shreddy Times Snowboard Video "The Breakdown"

Our friends at the Tahoe based Shreddy Times need your help to fund a new kind of snowboard movie this season. Let's help them out!

Shreddy Times (ST) is a dynamic video production company based in North Lake Tahoe, California. This season the ST crew will be taking a new approach to snowboard movie production. The crew will use the Internet to distribute a “behind the scenes” video series which follows the riders all season long. The series will take our fans on an adventure through the lives of professional snowboarders as they work on an end of the season video called “The Breakdown.”
A “behind the scenes” before-the-release approach has never been done before in the snowboard industry. Viewers of our project will be able to follow us on a daily basis to find out where we are and what we are up to.
We will be releasing a minimum of 6 videos per month for 6 months as well as "The Breakdown." Our backers will be updated every week as to what we are doing and how things are going. These updates will come through, Twitter and Facebook.
The money we are searching for simply covers the costs to make the the season happen fluidly. We need to buy cameras, a boom, tapes, gas, data storage, and a laptop. If we cover our expenses, then we will be able to execute the project in Lake Tahoe. Our hope is that potential backers might find it fun to take trips with our group or come live with us. The more funding we get for the project the more fun we will have (The better the video will be).
*** ALL OVER FUNDING only makes our project better. That is why we have some of these ridiculous options for 3, 4 and 10k. If we fell into that kind of money that is exactly what we would want to do with it to provide our viewers more entertainment. The $6225 will simply make the project here in Lake Tahoe possible.
Shreddy Times is by no means a big operation. To date, we have had zero funding and zero help from anyone. We are now at the point in our careers where we need to buy the right equipment; and we want the ability to spend money on travel and expenses that the different projects require. We really need your help to get to the next level!
To see some of the videos that we have already made, or to check out our following, go to any of the following places:

If you have any questions at all about any of our backing opportunities please contact us:
Conor Toumarkine 603-496-6621 
Danny Toumarkine 603-662-6565

Thank you very much for taking interest in our project.
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