Monday, November 8, 2010

Planet Earth Clothing

Planet Earth Clothing Co. is dedicated to striving for sustainability by shedding old habits and adopting new methods. Don’t look to them for the tallest tees, or brightest toxic hoodies, they're just building the stuff they're proud to wear.  Oh...and they just turned 21! Bought their first beer legally, chugged it, and then recycled it.  Cheers.

Learning how to be greener is like learning new tricks.

It always looks easier, takes longer, and hurts more, and when you finally stick it, the satisfaction fuels your commitment to step up to the next one. This describes the past 21 years for us in the streets and the office, and the reason we’ve got the most complete year round, top to bottom, eco-sensitive product line in action sports today. Here are some of the best tricks in our bag to date.


Our cotton products are made from a blend of virgin and certified organic cotton

Just because cotton grows naturally on a plant, doesn’t mean it’s grown naturally. $2 billion USD worth of chemicals are sprayed on the world’s cotton crop every year, half of which is considered toxic enough to be classified as hazardous by the World Health Organization. These chemicals pollute the soil, air, animals, farmers and us all. With only 0.15% of the world’s cotton today guaranteed to be pesticide free, it’s up to us all to continually raise awareness, and increase demand for organic cotton so that it can someday become the standard, instead of the anomaly.


Our polyester fabrics are made from a blend of virgin and recycled PET

Polyethylene Terephthatlate (PET) is the stuff plastic drink bottles & food jars, and other things, are made of, yet only 30% are being recycled leaving the millions of tons a year dumped back into our environment. The best way to increase recycling is to increase the number of ways to use it. At the top of the list is clothing and carpet, accounting for 54% of post recycled PET use. So the next time you wear one of our jackets, feel good knowing you also created one more place for those recycled bottles to go.


Our inks and fabric dyes are non-toxic

Traditional pastisol printing inks used to create bold and vivid colors contain heavy metals, toxic solvents and even formaldehyde which was recently determined to be a cancer-causing substance. We use water-based inks and dyes and the most up-to-date bio-based plasticizer technology earning it a classification as 100% non-toxic. Our fabric colors and prints are just as durable, stay true to their original color and guarantee our garments as easy on the environment as they are on your body.


Our products are packed in 100% recycled poly bags that are also recyclable

More than four TRILLION Polyethylene plastic bags are manufactured each year. It takes 1,000 years for them to break down during which time toxic substances leach into the soil and the food chain. Each year approximately 1 BILLION sea birds and mammals die eating them. So unlike the thousands of other bags you’ve been forced to throw into the environment over your lifetime, go ahead and throw these into the recycling bin and they might become your next jacket.

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