Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe Installs Wind Turbines

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe is installing three Windspire vertical wind turbines this week on the north side of its Winters Creek Lodge.

The Windspire renewable energy sources will use wind power to provide electricity, offsetting a portion of the new lodge’s electrical costs. The electricity will be funneled back into the region’s power grid and will also qualify Mt. Rose for rebates.

Spokesperson Kayla Anderson said the wind turbines should cover lighting costs for Winters Creek Lodge during the upcoming season.

Anderson said the wind turbines function optimally with winds at 26 miles per hour, and that they'll stop spinning when winds hit about 34 mph. The structures are designed to withstand gusts up to 160 mph. The average wind speed at Mt. Rose’s Slide Bowl is 14 mph.

The Windspires installed at Mt. Rose have been extended to a height of 33 feet, to account for deep snowpack.

Anderson said the resort was hoping to get the wind turbines in last year when Winters Creek Lodge was first built.

“We’ve been working all summer to get these up,” Anderson said. “It’s really exciting that it’s actually happening and we’re making it work.”

Anderson said the wind turbines are another step in the resort’s effort to consider the environment and be energy efficient, and added Mt. Rose should start seeing a full return on its investment in about seven years.

The installation process can be viewed online on the resort’s webcam at

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