Thursday, November 25, 2010

Berkshire East Installs Wind Turbine and Goes 100% Green Wax

It's been a big week for Berkshire East and Green Wax.  

On Sunday, Berkshire East raised a 900kw wind turbine, that will produce 100% of our electricity for the ski area.

Monday, Green Wax got the call from Resort Owner, Jon Schaefer pledging his support by switching 100% to Green Wax;    
"By exclusively utilizing Green Wax in our tuning shop and rental shop, Berkshire East is making a real commitment to our local environment. We have understood for a long time that ski wax was one of the industry's 'dirty little secrets' but now Green Wax gives us the opportunity to make a real difference."

"Making the decision to use Green Wax was easy; when comparing three comparable products, in terms of cost and performance, and only one is 100% sustainably produced and more importantly 100% biodegradable, Berkshire East will choose Green Wax 100% of the time."
In addition to their recent investment of 3 new fuel efficient groomers, which utilize the most efficient snow making technology available, they heat all of their buildings with the wood cut on-site, have increased lighting efficiency by about half in the past 7 years, and are planning a 1 megawatt solar installation to be completed by next summer.

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