Sunday, October 24, 2010

Burton Launches “The Great Outfitter”

Burton Snowboards has launched “The Great Outfitter,” an online tool designed to allow riders to virtually create and view their dream outerwear setup for the season.

Riders can put together and view as many pant and jacket combinations as they can think of by selecting different colors, fits, and weather conditions. Users can also find some inspiration from the Great Outfitter’s Gallery, which features outerwear worn by Burton pros and setups chosen by Burton staff. The site features local shops so as to help users find their gear nearby.

Besides the Great Outfitter’s Gallery, there is also “The Gallery,” which allows users to share their creations on Facebook.

In the “Field Observations” section, riders can learn about the “Five Things to Never Wear” and other words of wisdom from snowboarding etiquette to dealing with mountain bullies. When riders have their own pieces of advice, they can post messages on Twitter using the hashtag #BurtonOps.

Look for Burton’s Green Mountain Project (GMP) jackets and pants featuring eco-friendly and recycled materials used wherever possible.

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