Friday, September 24, 2010

VF Corp Commended For Climate Change Disclosure

VF Corp–parent company of The North Face, Reef and Vans–has received a nod from the Carbon Disclosure Project for its approach to climate change disclosure.

VF announced today that the Carbon Disclosure Project, a non-profit organization that holds the largest database of primary corporate climate change information in the world and represents more than 500 institutional investors, has featured VF in its “Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.”

The index, a component of the CDP’s annual S&P 500 Report, comprises 53 constituents of the report that have demonstrated a professional approach to climate change disclosure.

Paul Dickinson, chief executive of the Carbon Disclosure Project, described the implications of a company’s inclusion in the index in a VF press release.

“The Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index recognizes companies that demonstrate good internal data management practices for understanding greenhouse gas emissions, including energy use,” he said. “Companies that make this index have also demonstrated clear consideration of how climate change is and will impact their business. As companies’ understanding of climate change issues grows, they are better placed to take positive action to manage and mitigate its risks.”

Eric C. Wiseman, president and chief executive officer of VF has released this statement:

“We are grateful that in this, our first year of measuring our GHG globally, our efforts have been positively acknowledged. We recognize our responsibility to help manage the earth’s resources to benefit future generations and are committed to minimizing our environmental impact.”

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