Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Capita Green Machine - 2011

Snowboarding is costly enough to the environment, travel to the hill, a whole day of riding lifts, gallons and gallons of fuel needed to power the piste bashers and pipe dragons are just a few things snowboarders take for granted but cause thousands of tons of CO2 to be pumped into the atmosphere. Like many manufacturers out there Capita are keen to make a difference and produce one less product that contributes to global warming. The Capita Green Machine may have an exterior as black as oil but its inside is a green as it gets. The Green Machine is pure freestyle perfection that won’t cost the Earth. Available with either Freestyle FK rocker or traditional camber, depending on your orientation.

Capita’s Description:

Our goal with the Green Machine was to engineer a progressive, bad ass, true twin freestyle snowboard with a sincere commitment to responsible manufacturing. A Green ‘Machine’ with progressive graphics and top tier performance made for an educated consumer looking for an environmentally conscious product. These boards are available in both cambered and reverse camber Freestyle FK versions. You pick!

Available Lengths (cm): 152, 154, 156, 158

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Reforestation certified sustainable DUAL core, Biodegradable Bean derivative topsheet, 95% recycled Beeswax modified sintered speed base, 100% recycled sintered ABS sidewalls, Special blend – EVO TECH Fibreglass configuration, Carbon load bars (reinforcement), True twin shape
5/10 Flex rating.

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