Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Snowboard Pioneer John Hunt Passes

Snowboarding pioneer, John Hunt, of Durango, Colorado, has passed away, at age 57. He was a founder, and driving force behind the early “SSSA” (Southwest Snowsurfing Assc” – 1980-1986).

John was responsible for introducing hundreds of snowboarders to the sport, at the SSSA’s free snowboard clinics in the early 80’s, at Wolf Creek, Purgatory, and Hesperus Ski Areas, in Southern Colorado, in addition to hundreds of additional new riders, in the later 80’s, when he became an accredited ski instructor, at Purgatory’s Ski School. He was also instrumental in helping organize and coordinate the five annual, and infamous “SSSA Wolf Creek Snowboarding contests” during the mid 80’s, which later turned into the “Rocky Mountain Snowboard Series”. John was also the co-owner of one of Colorado’s first snowboard/skateboard shops, “New Waves”. He was an enthusiastic, and fierce shredder, who will be greatly missed by those he touched.

He is survived by his son Jonathan, his daughters Mariah & Sadie, and his grandson Devin, all snowboarders.

John passed due to “organ failure”. Donate your organs!

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