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2010/2011 Arbor Snowboard Review

The 2011 Arbor Snowboards Line Up is looking amazing.  We would even go as far as saying that their graphics are the best in the snowboarding line up for this coming season.  They clearly have gone the extra mile with the appearance of their boards but not only that, they ride amazing. 

Arbor has always incorporated wood top sheets into their graphics and has recently taken it to the next level.

Their line up consists of 3 main series lines.  The Roots Series that consists of the A Frame, Abacus, Element cx, The Roundhouse and The Push for the ladies.  The Progression Series which consists of The Wasteland, The Nightrain, The Del Rey and for the ladies The Eden.  The final series from Arbor is the System Series which is the Element RX, The Coda, The Formula, The Westmark, The Draft and for the ladies The Cadence.  

Roots Series Snowboards

The A Frame is the big mountain board for the rider looking for superior on edge performance, locking deep carving lines, powerful control in the steeps and amazing stability at high speeds.  The artist for this board is Cody Gewertz. 

The Abacus is the powder stick made with a tapered tail that delivers arc-it-in, float over dominance.  This board is designed to hold up with a variance of conditions but will really stand out when the pow is deep.  The artist for this board is Kevin Smith. 

The Element cx is a board that has been with Arbor since day one..  This is the all mountain, all terrain board that delivers powerful performance in the park, pipe, steeps and more.  This is the one, if you are looking for only one.  The artist for this board is Joel Woodman.

The Roundhouse is the board designed for the rider with the larger boot.  Its an advanced all mountain board that is designed to provide the same quickness as a thin board.  This is a very versatile stick and you will enjoy your ride while on it.  The artist on this board is Marka 27.

The Push is the ladies board designed for the women that like to cruise the mountain..  This board will perform for the women in all conditions with reliable control and energetic initiation.  The artist on this board is Blaine Fontana.

Progression Series Snowboards 

The Wasteland is the Arbor Flagship.  This boar delivers powerful park performance with street to mountain versatility.  The Wasteland provides aggressive initiation; highly reactive return and a clean super versatile ride in all conditions.  This is the actual board Chelone Miller is riding.  Artist for this graphic is Max Grundy.

The Nightrain is the board designed for high-speed assault in the steeps, pipes and giant jumps.  This board has load and release power on demand and stability that is unmatchable.  The artist for this board is Zach Johnsen.

The Del Rey is a versatile twin board for all aspect park oriented riding.  You could dominate terrain like big gaps, urban rails, backcountry kickers with this board for a ridiculous value..  The artist for this board is Randy Noborikawa. 

The Eden is for the ladies that will spend most of their time lapping out in the park, jibbing boxes, and hitting kickers.  This board is all about value and independence in the face of preconceptions..  The artist for this board is Russ Mills.

The System Series Snowboards

The Element RX Snowboard is the board designed for the intermediate to advanced rider.  This board is dropping in with reverse camber and continues with Arbors element style and performance as usual.  This board will perform for you in the park, all mountain and beyond..   The artist for this board is Joel Woodman.

The Coda Snowboard is Arbors on mountain rocker design for riders who readily transition from one terrain or riding style to another.  Its built for reliable all aspect in the deep pow, tight trees, technical steeps or carvable groomers.  The artist for this board is Zach Johnsen.

The Formula Snowboard is an accessible, all mountain rockered cruiser that’s easy to turn and ideal to learn on and grow with.  The board is Austrian made and is designed for the rider looking to build confidence in their shredding. It’s affordable and fun to ride. Can't go wrong.  The artist for this board is Blaine Fontana.

The Westmark Snowboard is a multidimensional rocker design for park-oriented riders who utilize the whole mountain.  This board delivers critical pop, durability and control.  The artist for this board is Dave Kinsey.

The Draft Snowboard is a jib specific rocker board for street style riders whose focus is rails, boxes, naturals or urban assaults.  Its the perfect jib board but will also be there for you in all conditions.  The rocker shape really makes is stand out with fun popability in the deep pow and you will be stoked to see how it holds up for you when spinning on kickers.. The artist for this board is Jeff Soto.

The Cadence Snowboard is the ladies board for women who like to take their park inspired skills to the whole mountain.  I saw my sister Megan send a 30-foot air off the top of Mammoth on this thing in our May Mammoth Update. This board will also be solid on all sessions whether its in the park, on rail sessions, or wherever.  The artist for this board is Sylvia JI.

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