Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Oakley Arctic Challenge

Being green has always been a big part of The Arctic Challenge, Terje Haakonsen's world renown snowboard event that will take place March 5 – 7 in Wyllerloypa, Norway. Since the event took its first steps into the world, they have strived to do more than just make one amazing event after another. They want to make events with a clean, green, conscience, and wish to spread the message to their visitors as well. Giving everybody who enters the arena an opportunity to choose to go green.

The responsibility stretches from the first planning and meetings and who they choose to cooperate with, to how they lay out the arena and facilities to be as green as possible.

TAC believes in action, that is why they voluntarily participate in the Eco-Lighthuose certification of events (www.eco-lighthouse.com), and received the certification in 2009. Being certified as an Ego-Lighthouse event means that they have fulfilled a complex set of criteria that must be carried out in order to be certified. This includes everything from increasing the amount of waste being recycled to making sure as many as possible of their suppliers are green.

Along with TAC is Greener Events, a new foundation with Terje Haakonsen and philanthropist Jan Sundt, established in 2009. Together, TAC and Greener Events are working on helping other events like TAC becoming greener as well as spreading the enviro-message to children and youth.

For more information on TAC and its sustainable efforts visit http://www.t-a-c.no.

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