Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Northstar's Tradable Renewable Energy Credits

Northstar-at-Tahoe is offsetting approximately 215,600 pounds of global warming emissions associated with the ski area’s electrical energy use through a substantial purchase of Green Tags (also known as Tradable Renewable Energy Credits) from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Northstar’s Green Tags purchase represents over 150 megawatt-hours of renewable energy produced from non-polluting wind resources located in the Pacific Northwest, equivalent to the annual electricity used by about 180 homes. Northstar was the first California Ski Area to purchase Green Tags in support of wind energy.

Northstar is also offering its customers a chance to add a full or Mini-Green Tag to their lift pass in order to help offset the vehicle emissions associated with their trip to the ski area. This means visitors to Northstar can now “Ski Pollution Free.”

Try to support resorts with similar measures; this will increase investment in alternative energy which is the main thing we need resorts to do to combat global warming!

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