Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spark R&D Develops POW-Branded Splitboard Binding

Spark R&D has created a Protect Our Winters branded version of their Binding for 2010. Beyond making the best splitboard bindings in the industry and promoting human-powered riding, Spark has done some smart things in terms of sustainability throughout their operations, especially in their product life cycle management.

For example, their earlier version of bindings were a sandwich of aluminum and UHWM polyethylene plastic held together by rivets. Deconstructing these bindings at the end of their useful life would be difficult and costly, and UHMW isn't commonly taken for recycling.

The new baseplates are machined from a solid billet of aluminum and in a matter of minutes, the binding could be taken apart and recycled with any other aluminum scrap. Also, the aluminum chips generated during machining are taken to a recycling center. This approach to manufacturing is essentially scrap free.

A percentage of these binding sales will be donated to POW to aid in their cause.

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