Thursday, January 21, 2010

Makboard - 100% Recycled Snowboards

Designed to carve, slash, and surf the mountain, the Makboard looks and rides unlike any other snowboard on the market today – and it’s 100 percent recyclable.

Lake Tahoe rider and inventor Bob Candler was turned off by the waste created when a snowboard reaches the end of its useable lifespan. He spent 15 years tinkering in his garage, perfecting a revolutionary snowboard made entirely of Makrolon — a clear polycarbonate material that is 100 percent recyclable. Now, the Makboard solves the problem of what to do with old, played-out snowboards.

"Taking care of our planet is something that should be important to all riders," Candler said. "I created a board that, instead of ending up in a landfill, is melted down and reshaped into another snowboard when its life is over."

Since Makboards are manufactured in the USA, recycling an old Makboard is as simple as sending it back to the company with a pre-paid shipping label. And snowboarders who do choose to recycle their old Makboards will be given a credit toward the purchase of a new Makboard.

"Ultimately, what we're trying to do is keep these things from ending up as pollution," Candler said. "As snowboarders, we've got to be on the front lines doing all we can to protect what we all love — the mountains, the environment, and everything that makes snowboarding so much fun."

Makboards are now available through select snowboard retailers nationwide, as well as directly to consumers through the Makboard Web site,

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