Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Salomon Sick Stick

In the winter of 2007, Salomon Snowboards launched The Green Initiative for Tomorrow, or G.I.F.T, for short. The centerpiece of the G.I.F.T line is the Salomon Sick Stick freestyle powder snowboard, which utilizes a revolutionary bamboo core.

Salomon Sick Stick Facts
-20% reduction of petroleum-based materials content.
-25% reduction of non-renewable materials.
-10% reduction in board weight.
-The Sick Stick comes in a cotton-bamboo knit bag instead of a PVC sleeve, and the hang tags are printed on recycled paper instead of coated stickers.
-There are no petroleum-based topsheet materials or lacquer coats on the Sick Stick. The graphic is direct-printed on the board, making it less toxic and, in turn, lighter.
-The Sick Stick won the Volvo SportsDesign Award for Eco-Design in boardsports for its eco-friendly production methods.

According to Salomon Product Line Manager Alex Warburton, the Sick Stick is made by sandwiching a core between two structural bamboo veneers, lowering the needed weight of traditional fiberglass and resin by 25%.

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