Friday, January 25, 2013

Vote For POW! "Company of the Year" at the Outdoor Retailer Show

Dear POW Supporters,

Last year, Protect Our Winters won "Company of the Year" at the industry-wide Outdoor Retailer Show.  POW was nominated with a few other amazing companies,  all "projecting a philosophy that's infectious within the winter recreational community."

The most awesome part of it is that it's all peer-nominated.

And today, at the 2013 Outdoor Retailer Show, POW has been nominated by their peers again, for Company of The Year 2013.

POW couldn't have achieved this recognition without your generous support. The work that they do is fueled by you all. 

POW wants to win it again.  So thy need your help.  

Please vote for POW here. The deadline is tonight so please don't wait!  It's takes a second and it means a lot to everyone who's sustainably minded in the snow community.

And if possible, please pass this along to your friends, post on Facebook, Twitter, whatever you can do.


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