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Capita’s zero CO2 emissions facility in Austria, The Mothership, is the new home for Niche Snowboards’ production starting at the end of the 2016/17 season. Beyond some of the advanced technology in place at the facility, Ana Van Pelt, co-founder of Niche, says “The fact that they source all of their raw materials from like 300 kilometers of the factory itself is really incredible because that’s an important piece of manufacturing, too.” Niche produces small runs of women’s and men’s snowboards with a creative, fine eye to detail, and innovative ideas around performance and tech. Watch the video above, produced by LUX NOVA, for a more comprehensive look at Niche x The Mothership.
Press Release – SALT LAKE CITY, (September 7, 2016) – Niche Snowboards announced their move to The Mothership, the most environmentally responsible snowboard factory in the world, to produce their line of eco-friendly snowboards.
Located in Feistritz an der Gail, Austria, The Mothership is a 100 percent hydro powered facility, providing all energy for production and climate control resulting in a zero C02 emission release. The facility also includes other progressive capabilities like the use of water-based inks, plant-based resin and solvent-free finishing. In addition, the facility sources raw materials from suppliers in close proximity to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.
The Mothership offers complete in-house production capabilities as well as a state of the art R&D lab and on-site testing slope. Onsite in-line testing of raw materials and finished product ensures the highest standard of manufacturing from start to finish.
“Partnering with The Mothership is a match made in heaven. We are beyond thrilled to have found a home with like-minded, passionate people, who share our desire to make choices that lessen our impacts on the planet and preserve the climate we need in order to enjoy snowboarding,” said Ana Van Pelt, Co-Founder of Niche Snowboards. Kirsten Kolter, Co-Founder of Niche adds, “The Mothership is a beautiful architectural and progressive accomplishment that will set the standard for production in our industry. Working with The Mothership will give Niche the ability to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in snowboard manufacturing.”
For more information about Niche Snowboards and The Mothership, please visit: www.nichesnowboards.com
Niche Snowboards is, above all else, dedicated to providing the global snowboard community with a quality product whose environmental impact is lessened by thoughtful design, conscious material selection and the desire to craft quality snowboards.

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