Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nikwax - Global leader in safe, high performance waterproofing, cleaning and conditioning for outdoor gear

Using your gear for as long as possible is what we all should strive to do as it is more sustainable than continuously buying new gear. Below are several products from Nikwax that will re-waterproof as well as improve the technical performance of your gear and apparel:

From Nikwax: 
The TX.Direct Wash In adds or renews water repellency and breathability to wet weather clothing.  This new, higher concentration formula also prolongs the life of gear by protecting and adding extra strength to the fibers.  It is great for re-proofing that ski jacket, those snowboarding pants or your favorite shell.

Another great newbie from Nikwax is their SolarProof Concentrate.  Great for packs and tents, SolarProof protects from sun degradation for years to come and adds water repellency.  The new concentrate format will allow you to stretch the use of your Solarproof, giving you an ample supply to treat many other things this fall, including backpacks, hydration packs, jackets, and camera bags.

Did you know you could also proof anything that is “down?”  Nikwax’s Down Proof adds water-repellency and revives insulation and breathability to down-filled clothing and gear, while minimizing weight gain.  Don’t forget to give your “down” gear a quick scrub with their Down Wash before proofing to remove dirt and detergent, which are moisture attracting nuisances.  Down Wash will keep your down looking like new and won’t affect their loft.

Glove proof is another awesome proofing product from Nikwax.  It also prolongs the life and performance of all leather and fabric gloves while maintaining breathability and palm grip. This product is ideal for gloves with breathable membranes e.g. Gore Tex.

Another goodie for your washroom is the Tech wash.  Use this to clean any of your DWR gear or apparel prior to proofing, which like the Down Wash removes dirt and detergent to maximize its waterproof-ability.

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